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What is rake in poker?
The rake is the house's share of the pot. All poker rooms charge rake which is usually set at 5% of the pot up to a maximum per hand which varies in different poker rooms. Most poker rooms though do not charge any rake where pots are under $1.00 or when only blinds are won. So people playing micro limits are not overly affected. But once you get cash games where the big blind is 25 cents or more rake charges can start to add up.

How does poker rakeback effect me?
Depending on the number of hands you play in and the bet activity of your table it is very difficult to put accurate numbers as to how much rake you pay. But we can estimate. From my own experience 1 hour of playing time at a poker table with the big blind of $1.00
I average about $6.00 of rake per hour. This figure increases though if you are at a table where betting is above average.

So lets say you play at this limit and you play for a total of 20 hours during a month. That's 20 X $6.00 = $120. rake charges that month. Wouldn't it not only be nice but smart too, to get some of that rake back that you paid?  Well that is exactly what this site is all about. We list the poker rooms that offer players rakeback and what percentage of your paid rake you will get back.

Be sure to precisely follow registration instructions for each poker room to qualify for the rakeback deals. Any of the listed sites that you already have a player account at, even if it's just a free account you will be ineligible for these deals listed. These are registration incentives as well as a loyalty rewards offering. All rakeback deals are for an indefinite period of time. The only way your rakeback ends is if the poker room you registered with bans the practice in the future. So you will receive your rakeback each and every month during which you paid rake.

Save anywhere from a couple dollars a month to as much as $1,000. or more!

Rakeback Poker Rooms:

GoHardPoker   - 30% rakeback   (Available to US players)